Easter Best Poems Collection

Easter 2017 Best Poems Collection

What is easter?

Easter is one of the oldest festival in christian church. It is the memory of recursion of Jesus Christ. Easter days may come in between March 31 and April 25. Last year Easter was at March 21. Easter 2017 is celebration on April 20 Sunday. Like Christmas and other Holidays Easter won’t come on a particular date. It should be celebrating on Sundays. St. Paul once in his book says that unless Christ rose from the dead, our faith is in vain Jesus Lived for people and Died for the Whole people of world.

Easter Wishes

Do you want to wish your friends, relatives or people far from you? We had a collection of Easter wishes, Waster Quotes and even Easter Status for Facebook and Whatsapp. You just need to copy the stuffs and post on else where you like.

Happy Easter Bunny Images With Poem Collection

Easter 2017 Messages

Before 10 or 15 years, people used to send and receive telegrams, letters on the days of Easter and on all such festivals. Then it slightly changed to Electronic mailing system. What Now? Our Social Networking medias and Instant Messaging services had captured that traditional systems. We have a lot of Easter messages for 2017. Browse through them and share them. Once more Happy Easter 2017.101 Easter status for Facebook and Whatsapp.

Happy and Funny Easter Sayings

A person to be actual Christian, he should believe in Jesus Christ and must believe in his Resurrection. Resurrection means life, liberation, life, and joy. Easter is the Day of Joy and Happiness. There is no place for sadness on that day. For the Easter of 2017, we had made so many Happy Easter sayings and Quotes. If you like, please share to your fellows. Look at Happy and Funny Easter Sayings

Happy Easter 2017 Special Wallpapers in HD

For this Easter, there are some HD Wallpapers. You can use it to share on Whatsapp, Facebook and wherever you want. We have wallpapers and images of Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny, Jesus Cross etc. Just Right click and Save it on your Device. Happy Easter 2017 Special Wallpapers in HD

Easter Bible Verses

Easter is not only a day for celebration but also a day for reading Holy Bible. There are some special Easter verses from Bible that must read by our Kids and children. Encourage them to read our Holy Book at least on these Holy week. Better develop Bible reading mentality on them. Easter Bible verses

Easter Is The Gift…

Easter is the gift of HOPE
Easter is the gift of PEACE
Easter is the gift of LOVE
Let us rejoice in Him,
Who gives them all.

May God bless you at Easter,
And keep you all year through.
May God give you all the faith it takes,
To make your dreams come true.
May His love and wisdom always help,
To guide you on your way.
May His light shine down upon you now,
To bless your Easter Day.

The Easter Parade

What shall I wear for the Easter Parade?
A dress that’s the color of marmalade
With a border embroidered
in light blue cornflowers
Like the edge of a meadow
after spring showers
And a matching hat round
as a top you can spin
And elastic to hold it on under my chin
And brand-new shoes
whiter than newly-poured cream
With heart-shaped,
golden buckles that gleam;
And I’ll carry a small purse
of butterfly blue
With a penny for me and a penny for you
To buy us both glasses of cold lemonade
When we walk, hand in hand,
in the Easter Parade.-William Jay Smith

I Feel It In The Air

I know it’s Easter time again,
I feel it in the air.
The breath of spring with woodsy tang,
And new life everywhere.
And spring glides on with magic touch
O’er mountain side and glen;
And wakens all the sleeping plants
For Easter time again.

The brooklets leap from rock to rock,
As if in joyful play;
The flowers peep from darkened tombs
To welcome Easter Day.
The birds are swinging on the boughs,
And trill in ecstasy;
They seem to show the world’s great joy
Of Easter mystery.

Why should we dread
the thing called death?
It’s just an open door,
Where all within is love and peace
And joy forever more.
“Because I live, you too shall live,”
We hear the Savior say.
Let’s consecrate our lives anew,
On this glad Easter Day.~By Edna Reed~

Meeting the Easter Bunny

On Easter morn at early dawn
before the cocks were crowing
I met a bob-tail bunnykin
and asked where he was going.
“Tis in the house and out the house
a-tispy, tipsy-toeing,
Tis round the house and ’bout the house
a-lightly I am going.”
“But what is that of every hue
you carry in your basket?”
“Tis eggs of gold and eggs of blue;
I wonder that you ask it.
“Tis chocolate eggs and bonbon eggs
and eggs of red and gray,
For every child in every house
on bonny Easter day.”
He perked his ears and winked his eye
and twitched his little nose;
He shook his tail — what tail he had —
and stood up on his toes.
“I must be gone before the sun;
the east is growing gray;
Tis almost time for bells to chime.” —
So he hippety-hopped away.~By Rowena Bennett, 1930~